Yogyakarta Tugu Station is One of The Major Stations

Yogyakarta Tugu Station
Yogyakarta Tugu Station Gate
Yogyakarta Tugu Station Gate

Presumably there was no train stops conveniently located Yogyakarta Tugu Station. How not, the main station in this warm town located right in the heart of the city and close to many interesting attractions. Get off the train at this station, you do not need to waste time to reach the hotel and shopping center. Malioboro is located just south of the station offers a number of star hotels and budget as well as traditional and modern shopping centers.

Tugu Station began serving transportation needs since May 2, 1887, some 15 years after Lempuyangan Station. Initially, the station is only used for the transit railway transport produce from areas of Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. But since 1 Febnruari 1905, the station began to be used for rail transit passengers. Line outside the city was first built in 1899, connecting Yogyakarta and Surakarta.

Tugu station has now become one of the largest stations in Indonesia

Starting from a small station, Tugu station has now become one of the largest stations in Indonesia. It has a 6 train lines, the station serves the transportation of almost all big cities in central Java. More than 20 train departures and arrivals take place every day, good railway economics, business and executive. There are various offers to train and departure time towards a certain area so you have many options.

Since built in the Dutch colonial period, the architecture of the building is very thick with a European feel. Once off the train, you will instantly recognize from the big doors brown and tall ceilings strengthened with a white wall color. You also can enjoy the charm of the station building, which until now still maintained its authenticity from the front. The building looks magnificent with large doors and two roof rail line umbrella.

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Tugu Station is one of the major stations

Yogyakarta Tugu Station
Yogyakarta Tugu Station

Tugu Station is one of the major stations that still retain its function as a place to train nursing, in contrast to the station that is now generally only as a transit point. Therefore, you can wander into the corners of the station to be able to see the activities of the railway mechanic and trace the train’s age. Some employees at the station is enough to know the history of the station, so it can talk to.

When heading to the west of the station, you will see a railway locomotive repair place. You must be amazed to observe in detail each component in the locomotive. In fact, you can observe the machine from below because there is a ladder toward the bottom of the locomotive were ‘parked’. Not far from there, you can see the statue of the ancient black train is also interesting to enjoy.

Walk a little to the south, you can see where repairs railroad cars. Although I can not get in, you can peek of iron fences surrounding white blue. Looking up, will look sebuat train parts are placed in the yellow tower. Parts that are connecting train cars crane that had been used since the Dutch. If you walk further to the north, it will be met by the train janitors.

Tugu Station
Tugu Station

If you arrive or are leaving at dusk, it is time to stand in between the lines 4 and 6 and look west. Beautiful twilight scenery will be seen when the sky is clear, combined with the railways that the farther it will look like lines that eventually coalesce into a single point. The presence in the tower crane rail and street children who brought music will raise exotic scenery dusk.

Satisfied to enjoy the beauty of the tugu station

Satisfied to enjoy the beauty of the station, you can start your trip in Yogyakarta. Various transportation transportation is available at this station. You can ride a rickshaw towards Yogyakarta and sales bakpia in Pathuk. If you wish to travel a little further, you can use a bus or taxi, while when going straight shopping, you just walk up Malioboro which is located right on the south.

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