Punthuk Setumbu Nirvana Sunrise

Punthuk Setumbu Nirvana Sunrise – The sun fulfills a promise to give the beautiful panorama in Punthuk Setumbu Hill. Seeing the sunrise with Borobudur Temple as a landscape and many trees around it make us feel like on top of a cloud palace. This is one of the beautiful natures in Magelang, Central Java.

Punthuk Setumbu Nirwana Sunrise is a tour to see the sunrise with Borobudur temple as a landscape and its very beautiful. If you are lucky, you can see trees around the temple full of fog and it is a very dramatic phenomenon” said Albert. One of the visitors of Punthuk Setumbu Nirwana Sunrise.

Punthuk Setumbu Nirwana Sunrise
Punthuk Setumbu Nirwana Sunrise

Punthuk setumbu is the name of the hill with a height of 40 meters above sea level that is located about 5 kilometers in the west of Borobudur temple. The hill that is located in Karangrejo village is one of the good spots to see the greatness of Borobudur Temple in the morning and see the beautiful sunrise. If you are lucky, you can see the sunrise appear and shine between Merapi and Merbabu Mountain. Why lucky? Because it depends on the weather. If the weather is cloudy, you can not see the sunrise but if the weather is sunny you can see the sunrise between Merapi and Merbabu Mountain with Borobudur Temple as a landscape. If there is still the fog that close some trees and residential, it is a very beautiful phenomenon.

In 04:00 AM, my friends and I woke up from our nice sleep, we prepared to go to the Puntuk Setumbu. We just needed 15 minute to get there from our homestay, the trip to pierce off the cold morning began. At that moment, the sky was bright; the star followed our car to go to Puntuk Setumbu. Because my friends and I did not know the way to get there, we used ojek to be our cicerone and we have to pay 30.000 rupiah. After 15 minutes, we arrived in Puntuk Setumbu. The official locket of Punthuk Setumbu welcomed us and the real adventure began.

We climb a footpath that sheer pierce field in the dark, cold and wet morning. Merger of the breeze that attack the tip of a leaf and the creaking sound of insects made a morning orchestra to accompany our trip. The dew that drip from trees make a footpath more slippery so we have to stride careful so that we did not skid. Finally, we arrived in Punthuk Setumbu with a hard breath. But our struggle did not vain, because the beautiful panorama had welcomed us. As far as the eye can see, we can see an expanse of bluish valley closed by the fog. We can even see a small silhouette of Borobudur Temple that fell asleep gracefully in the middle of the dark fog shadows surrounded by mountain ranges and gallant hills. After sometime, the fog began to fade because the wind kept blowing it hard; a burst of light began to appear presenting the beautiful Punthuk Setumbu Nirwana sunrise. When the weather is sunny orange and golden light rays will race to cloud the cloud and slowly the sun will rise behind the throne. The epithet as a nirvana sunrise is more closely felt.

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Punthuk setumbu Nirwana sunrise
Punthuk setumbu Nirwana sunrise

“Punthuk Setumbu Hill founded in 2004 by Suparno, he found the location in Punthuk Setumbu and he thought that he can see very beautiful sunrise from there, so, the young people and the local government arranged the location with self funding and government assistance. In the past, the visitor did not need to pay to enter this tour, but over time, the number of visitors increased and the local people and government use it as a tourist attraction. In a day, it can reach 100–200 visitors but in Lebaran season, the visitors increase and can reach up to 1000 visitor and it will be a jostle. (Hasyim in Tribun News, Monday 24 November 2014).

Punthuk Setumbu Nirwana Sunrise is not only popular for domestic tourists but also popular for foreign tourists. I saw many foreign tourists come there and they seemed very interested, they took a photo and there were domestic tourists who took a photo with them. Some of them slept in the bamboo chair and drank coffee and tea in the gazebo. In the hill, the management of Punthuk Setumbu provides facilities like chair from bamboo, gazebo and there are warungs that sell some drinks. Everybody enjoyed their adventure.

Punthuk Setumbu Nirwana Sunrise can be reached from Jogjakarta to Magelang about one hour with your personal transportation. If you need to stay a night before you go to Punthuk Setumbu, you can stay in a hotel near Borobudur like Manohara Hotel, but if you want the cheapest cost, you can find many homestays around them. Access to the location is easy enough for domestic or foreign tourist. Because it is located in west of Borobudur Temple, on the trip to the location you will find a panorama of a village that is very beautiful and the asphalt road that is not very broad will bring you to the Nirwana Sunrise.

The visitors have to pay 15.000 rupiah for domestic and 30.000 for foreign. After you arrive in the gate of Punthuk Setumbu and buy a ticket, you can choose the way you want to go. You can walk about five until ten minutes to the hill with good access or you can use ojek and pay 50.000 rupiah to go to the hill and come back to the gate. But if you choose to walk, you must be careful and enactive that it is not raining and the road is not muddy.

Phuntuk Setumbu Hill
Phuntuk Setumbu Hill

If you want to go to Phuntuk Setumbu Hill, you have to prepared beforehand; set the departure time so you are not preceded by the sun, the distance from your stay also affects. If you stay in a hotel or homestay near Borobudur, you can go to the hill at 4 or 5 AM, but if you stay in a far place you must go earliest and you must be there at 05:00 until 05:15 early morning. If you want to camp in Punthuk Setumbu, you must call the official first and choose to visit in dry season because the panorama is very beautiful, especially when two different mountains in the distance also decorate which are Merbabu and Merapi Mountain. A better view of the sun is when it is in the best position, between the mountains or right in the east of Borobudur Temple in June or July.

The sun was high, shining the whole universe and the blazing and fresh light which made everybody in the place difficult to open their eyes. I tried to fight the light but I cannot. Punthuk Setumbu Nirwana Sunrise became my first beautiful sunrise and since the sun rises in the east, I hope I can come back because I want to feel like in the Nirvana again.

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