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Elo River Fun Rafting

Elo River Fun Rafting

Elo River is located between the two temples, namely Mendut and Borobudur, and surrounded by the Mount Merapi, Merbabu, and Menoreh. The starting point of rafting starts from Blondo village, 9km south of the town of Magelang. There are 37 small and big rapids grade levels between II – III, …

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Sangiran Museum – Archaeological Site in Java


Sangiran museum is an archaeological site in Java island, Indonesia. The museum has an area 48 square kilometers and located 15 kilometers north of Surakarta in the Solo River valley and administratively Sangiran is in Sragen and Karanganyar. In the year of 1977 Sangiran determined by the Minister of Education …

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Exotic Serayu Rafting – District Wonosobo – Central Java

Serayu Rafting Tour

Exotic Serayu Rafting – The spring water comes from mountain streams Serayu Sindoro Dieng. The winding river meanders westward flowing mountainous center of the island of Java. These conditions cause the grade elevation at two places into steep, so the grade be quite a challenge for you and the grade …

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Punthuk Setumbu Nirvana Sunrise

Punthuk Setumbu gold sunrise

Punthuk Setumbu Nirvana Sunrise – The sun fulfills a promise to give the beautiful panorama in Punthuk Setumbu Hill. Seeing the sunrise with Borobudur Temple as a landscape and many trees around it make us feel like on top of a cloud palace. This is one of the beautiful natures …

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Pentingsari Village Yogyakarta

Pentingsari village

Pentingsari village is associate integration between attractions, accommodations and support facilities area unit presented very structure of a society that blends tradition with the procedures and policies. The village formally became a traveler village in July 15 ‘2008 consistent to the district business work Sleman selection 556/336. Presently Pentingsari village …

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Kinahrejo The village is near the foot of Mount Merapi

Kinahrejo Merapi

Kinahrejo Merapi – Since the eruption in the year of 2010 then, the atmosphere within the village of Kinahrejo modified drastically. The village is near the foot of Mount Merapi pyroclastic amendment once washed and exposed to vomit hot material erupted in November of 2010. Additionally to a comparatively shut …

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Gedongsongo Temple of Hindu Religious Heritage

Gedongsongo Temple

Gedongsongo temple is the temple complex of Hindu religious heritage which is located at the foot of mount Ungaran with an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level and is located in the village temple, Ambarawa district – Central Java. There are 9 temples that are all overall made from …

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Cetho Temple Exotic Temple on The Side of Mount Lawu

Cetho Temple Central Java

Cetho Temple (Indonesian: Candi Ceto) is a fifteenth-century Javanese-Hindu temple that is located on the western slope of Mount Lawu (elev. 1495 m above sea level]]) on the border between Central and East Java provinces. Cetho is one of several temples built on the northwest slopes of Mount Lawu in …

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Sikunir Hill The Beautiful Golden Sunrise

Sikunir Hill Golden Sunrise

Sikunir Hill – Dieng is the highest plateau in Java, which goes into 2 districts, namely Banjarnegara and Wonosobo, Dieng complex located on the west part of mount Sindoro. Dieng area has tourism potential is quite high, because the temperature of the cool air and beautiful scenery. Dieng attractions that …

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Dieng Plateau Wonosobo distric – Central Java

Dieng Plateau Central Java

Dieng Plateau – Dieng name from Sanskrit as “Ardi” means beautiful and Hyang means high, so the Dieng plateau tells us about the beautiful winsome as the place of the gods and goddesses residing. So Dieng means mountainous area where the gods and goddesses lived. Dieng is a village in …

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Imogiri Royal Tomb Yogyakarta

Imogiri Royal Tomb

Imogiri Royal Tomb – Imogiri grave yard is the grave advanced of Mataram king and family. This royal cemetery was builr in Girirejo, Imogiri. This grave was supported by Sultan Agung between the years 1632-1640 AD. The first king of Mataram was buried Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo. He set within the …

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Sukuh Temple Central Java

Sukuh Temple is a Hindu complex

Sukuh temple building gives the impression of a striking simplicity for the visitors. The impression gained from the temple quite different from those obtained from the major temples in Central Java, others, such as Prambanan and Borobudur. Even the shape of the temple Sukuh be similar to Maya in Mexico …

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Challenge Lower Progo Rafting

Progo River Rafting

Challenge Lower Progo Rafting – Progo rafting below is specifically for those who want to feel the incredible sensation largest river island of Java, which Progo rivers. With the level of difficulty of grade IV – V, your heart will feel the pounding pounding as the river water to the …

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Lawang Sewu: A Haunted building of History and Heroes

Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu: A Haunted building of History and Heroes – Abandoned and antique buildings have a tendency to inspire stories. Legends, Myths, Haunted tales of the building’s origin, its owners and builders. Indonesia as a whole is home to numerous historical and mystical buildings, many antique and dating back hundreds …

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Sangiran Home of The Java Man

Sangiran Collection

Sangiran Home of The Java Man – Have you ever wondered what humans looked like millions of years ago? Take a trip back in time and make the journey to Sangiran, home of the Java man to find out. The story of Java Man begins over a century ago. In …

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